5 Ways to Make The Young Adult Book Community More Inclusive for Teenagers

Adults tend to get most of the attention in the young adult book community. Let’s change that.


currently, february 2017

So in lieu of actual blog posts, I’m going to write roundups that discuss the writing process, what I’ve been reading, and maybe other things. If only as an archive of my progress for myself, so I stop thinking there is no progress when there is, indeed, always progress as long as you’re trying. (I will…

Making the Most Out of Pitch Wars

Pitch Wars is a contest where the prize is mentorship from an agented, published, or otherwise established author or editor. Awesome, right? More info here if you’re unfamiliar. We’re at the phase where entries have been sent, the contest is closed, and mentors are reading and making requests for partial/full manuscripts. Some people say that if…

Most Anticipated YA New Releases: Fall 2016

Every quarter or so, I want to share some of the books I’m most excited to read. This format is a little less stressful than a full review post, and allows me to get all my pre-read fangirling out of the way. Without further procrastination, here are my five most anticipated YA books for August-October…

Death by Society Character Aesthetics

So on the Pitch Wars feed a lot of people are creating moodboards for our books. I wanted to create some for select main cast members, so I’m moving them all over here.